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No one likes to think about what might happen if we were no longer here.  If a sudden and unexpected tragic event took you away from your family, who would be around for them?  How would you make sure your children were raised with your values, and the way you want?  How would you protect them from coming wards of the state, subject to court proceedings to decide their future?

Stay in control with the Family Protection Plan.  With a Family Protection Plan you put in place the people you want to make decisions for your children when you cannot.  You create a plan to take care of your loved ones and protect them from the trauma of protracted legal action.

You’ve already made sure that your family would be protected financially.  Now you owe it to them to put a plan in place to provide the legal protection they deserve.Call now to let William J. Kovatch, Jr. craft a Family Protection Plan tailored to your specific needs and desires.  Stay in control and ensure your children are raised the way you want.

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William J. Kovatch, Jr. is an attorney licensed to practice in the District of Columbia, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Family Protection Plan

You've taken the steps to protect your family financially.  Now take the steps to provide the legal protection they need.