In Padilla v. Kentucky, the U.S. Supreme Court made it clear that a criminal defense attorney cannot simply ignore the potential immigration consequences when recommending a plea agreement to a client.  Rather, a non-citizen criminal defendant is entitled to adequate legal advice on how a potential plea could affect his or her immigration status. 

The interplay between criminal law and immigration law, however, can be complex.  With multiple different programs, all with their own rules on which criminal convictions can lead to disqualification, the non-citizen criminal defendant requires accurate advice to understand whether a plea agreement is appropriate, or whether the right choice is to make the prosecution prove its case through a trial. 

William J. Kovatch, Jr. can help advise you and your client during the plea bargaining stage, so you can better understand what the effects of the agreement can be on your client’s immigration status.

Consultations on Immigration Issues in a Criminal Defense

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