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In the past few years, children, unaccompanied by their parents, have streamed across the southwest border from Central America.  This surge of unaccompanied alien children has caused a humanitarian crisis for the U.S. Government. 

Many of these children can qualify for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, or SIJS, and thereby apply for permanent residency.  SIJS is a unique area of immigration law, as it relies on state courts with jurisdiction over juveniles to make judicial findings necessary to file a visa petition.  The courts must find that the child is a dependent on the court, that it is not viable to reunite the child with one or both of his or her parents due to abuse, neglect, abandonment or a similar basis under state law, and that it is not in the child’s best interests to be returned to his or her home country.  Once the state court has made these findings, the child can then proceed to file a I-360 Visa Petition with the U.S. Government. 

William J. Kovatch, Jr. has successfully represented children in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations courts of Norfolk, Prince William and Fairfax Counties, obtaining the necessary order to apply for SIJS.  If your client qualifies for SIJS, he can assist you in taking that first step to obtaining permanent residency.

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status Representation

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